What’s to Know when Getting Christmas Lights

Christmas Tree Lights

If this is your first Christmas on your own and you need to start from scratch with everything, Christmas lights including, it’s not a bad idea to scroll down for some useful info and tips.

There are many types of Christmas lights out there and it’s important to know if you want incandescent or LED lights, for instance.

Give a thought on the bulb shape or style that you’re going with this year, as you want them to fit the design of your Christmas tree.

How much light you want in your tree is also important so you should make an idea about how many strands you’re going to use.

Are you going to go with an everlasting, white Christmas theme (and lights) or have a fun, colorful Christmas tree?

Last, but not least, you also need to give a thought on what energy you’re going to need for all of your Christmas lights or lasers.

These are just the main ideas, so scroll down for the details.

Types of Christmas lights

Both LED and incandescent string lights are various when it comes with colors and bulb shapes, and the main difference is that the incandescent lights give a nice, warm glow and are a bit less expensive than LEDs.

Christmas tree led lightsLEDs (light-emitting diode) lights are a good choice as they use less energy than incandescent bulbs and are more durable than the incandescent lights, taking use up to 100,000 hours. Let’s not forget that they burn at a lower temperature (you may touch them after hours of use, as they don’t get hot) and come in bot cool-glow and warm-glow options.

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Here are some type of lights that you can use for Christmas:

  • Mini String lights

These little lights come with small bulbs and are one of the most popular choices out there as they’re easy to use and highly versatile.

  • Large bulb lights

If you’re going for a retro feel and want to make a great impression, give it a go with the large bulb lights (also known as C5, C7, C9 and G40).

  • Wide angle LED mini lights

These light come with low-profile, conical-shaped bulbs that do give a nice light and are very subtle when not in use.

  • Animated and color-changing lights

For those of you who want a fun, colorful Christmas tree, the animated and color-changing lights are a great option as they bring a happy feel every time.

  • Battery-operated lights

When you want to decorate the indoor/outdoor for Christmas but don’t have a power source nearby, the battery-operated lights are a sure choice.

  • Icicle lights

For the magical feel on your Christmas décor and snow-covered feel, the icicle lights are the lights are powerful enough to bring that whimsical vibe you are looking for.

  • Net lights

If you don’t have the time nor the skill to have a nice, uniform display of your Christmas light, the net lights are very helpful. They come already strung together into forms so it’s easy for you to drape them across shrubs or structures.

  • LED projection spotlights

You don’t need to install nor much time to use the LED projection spotlights which is why they’re a very popular option. You just plug them into an outlet and let them point where you need, enjoying the shapes and colors.

  • LED rope lights

When you want to bring a nice light over your doorway, window or walkaway, the LED rope lights are great and you may create sophisticated shapes and designs.

How many strands of lights you need?

When it comes to Christmas lights, it’s you to have the final word about how much light you want indoor and outdoor.

Nevertheless, few tips to follow should be on your mind:

  • Bulb spacing

If you’re thinking about putting some lights on your slender post and tree branches, the strands with more space between bulbs are the best choice. You want to use the strands with less space between bulbs when draping around your indoor Christmas tree or when lining roofs and overhangs.

  • String length

Keep in mind that even if two strands come with the same number of lights, they may have different string lengths if the bulb spacing isn’t the same.

For your outdoor tree you should use 200 mini Christmas lights or so per vertical foot-and-a-half of tree. When you’re fine with some medium lighting, 100 mini lights per foot are going to be enough.

Don’t forget to check this very short list of tips too:

  • You want more lights if you use a pine, firs and spruces tree. Keep the larger-size bulbs a common option in this case
  • You don’t need many lights on a slender tree
  • Use a net or some icicle lights when wrapping bushes or shrubs as you’re going to cover a larger area like this
  • Get some lights with 6-8inches of spacing between bulbs when you’re covering the tree branches. You do want to wrap wires as tight as you need.

As for the indoor tree, the main rule is to use 100 mini Christmas tree lights per vertical foot-and-a-half of tree.

The very short list when decorating with lights an indoor tree would be:

  • You want to use strands with a 6-to 8-in bulb spacing area when wrapping branches
  • The strands with a 4-in bulb spacing cover a larger area, for less money
  • Always get some extra lights or use some replacements. Better safe than sorry, you know

Don’t forget about the color

Many of you know which color you want for the Christmas lights and you typically go white or color. Nevertheless, in case you’re sitting on a fence you may want to take a look at few tips:

  • White LEDs don’t have the same hue of white, and some may give a blue tint whereas some put a warm yellow over your tree.
  • Go with the white lights if you want a whimsical, everlasting feel on your Christmas décor. If a fun, merry and festive Christmas is your theme for the year, put on some colorful Christmas lights.
  • Even though they may not be the best decorators, children also have great and fresh ideas when it comes to Christmas decorating so get them involved too.

The energy factor

One of the main concerns when decorating with the Christmas lights, is related to the energy bill so keep in mind this tricks if you want to cut down the spending during the winter holidays:

  • Go with LED Christmas lights over the incandescent types especially when you need to cover a larger area
  • Get some lights with automatic timer so that you may turn them on/off
  • If you want to add more length to the strands, use some extension cords in hidden areas. Don’t forget to follow the safety tips too.
  • Always use products (Christmas lights and extension cords) of equal amp capacities.