How to Choose your Christmas Theme

Christmas decor theme

Decorating your home or office for Christmas is no news at all and Christmas is just another occasion for you to get in the mood for the festive holiday. Truth be told, whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, there are many events all year round when you get into the right vibe. Christmas is the most loved one for sure and it gives you so many options when it comes to decorations.

Choosing a specific theme for Christmas is no easy task especially if you want to get all things nice and in order. Decorating your home with a unified motif gives it a special flow and a continuity feel for sure.

Brainstorming with your friends or scrolling down for some ideas and rules is a good thing to do and it’s important that you’re open to the new and fresh ideas. Put on some Christmas songs and get into the mood for finding the best ideas and theme for your decorations.

Choose the Christmas theme

This may be, by far, the toughest job. The most important thing to think about is the feel you want to have on the winter holidays. Are you going for a modern flair or you want to set a traditional feel once again? Do you have any special Christmas ornament that you may build off?

Choose the Christmas theme

The Christmas decorating theme comes from many sources and you should give a thought on the patterns, symbols, shapes, styles and even a mood that you may be building from.

You don’t need to be a decorator to have a nicely decorated house for Christmas. You may use the useful tips or go with your gut.

Go with a small Christmas tree with tiny ornaments for the kid’s room or simply use some sports items for their room instead. Some white lights are always going to bring a whimsical feel to any décor.

Put a small tree in the guest room too so that they feel nicer in your home. A small tree isn’t a bad idea for the kitchen too and you may very well use some miniature kitchen item for decorating it.

The theme by symbol or shape

There are many shapes and symbols that are specific to Christmas and many like combining all the snowflakes, stars or angels. You can go instead with just one of them and use it as a main decorating theme.

If you’re going with a star theme, try to use ornaments, blankets, stockings and candle holders that come with the same shape. This doesn’t mean you can’t go with a jolly fat Santa Claus or a cute little owl all over house. Just set up a particular shape, though.

Picking the right decoration may give a nice style to your home for Christmas, but it’s important not to go over the line too. Use some solid colors and accent patterns so it’s easier for you to fill the space, balancing the things a bit.

The color theme

Colors may become essential to any theme for Christmas. You can never miss with the everlasting red, green and golds, completing the scene with plenty of white Christmas lights.

If you want to give a modern feel though, put your money at stake with white and neutral colors, which always means a bit of sophistication to any room. As long as you don’t go over the top, you shouldn’t miss out on the cozy feel that a more traditional color theme may give.

You may very well go with some colorful spots for decorating. Blues and purples look great against white and silver decorations and the visual impact is a sure thing every time.

You may also combine some bright teal with nice and gold details, but don’t be afraid to try some ash rose accents around your house too.

Using a single metallic is always enough to make a single color look prettier. Use metallic garlands and ornaments to get the interesting Christmas theme.

Theme by Décor style

You may very well use a particular decorating style and turn it into a Christmas theme by adding some Christmas elements. Chances are you’re going to obtain a more natural feel since it’s your home’s décor anyway.

The style is also important when you set the vibe for the holidays. For a rustic feel, you may use some pine boughs, distressed wood and burlap. If you go for a shabby chic is a great choice to and it also gives you the chance to go shopping for some vintage elements.

When you want to use a modern look around your house for Christmas, some simple color scheme and accessories with clean lines and less details are going to work amazing. Don’t be afraid to play with some neutral colors, or some deep red and green that say Christmas, in a stylish way. Black and white with some gold details go great too.

Add a fluffy white fabric tree skirt and don’t overdo it with the tinsel. Once you get on the move, the options are so many.

Theme by a hobby or collectible

What better occasion to show off your precious collection if not during the winter holidays?

Whether it’s a vintage camera or collection of old trains, Christmas is a great opportunity for let everyone crossing your front door to admire your special collection. From the vinyl records, to the sports items, the ideas are so various and fun to use to decorate your home.

The party theme

Some plan parties this time of the year so you may set the party theme for the Christmas decoration too.

Parties give us plenty of theme ideas and you simply need to give a thought about which of them your family/friends like the most. A breakfast with Santa is a sure theme with the kids, whereas “Joy” theme may bring a nice feel for the Christmas too.

The conclusion

Even if you’re not the most creative person out there, you can still have a success with your Christmas decoration this year. Whether you go ahead and apply some ideas from the internet or add some personal vibe to the theme, you can get a great décor. You just need to take more than one minute to settle for a theme and pick up from there. The more you’re decorating, the easier it’s going to be to make an idea about the final décor.